Employee Spotlight: Director of Sales Engineering John Sheaffer

John Sheaffer - Employee Spotlight

Back in 2009, John Sheaffer made a decision: He left his job at database industry giant Oracle and embarked on a journey into the big data startup arena.

As Sheaffer explained when we sat down to interview him, there were no bad feelings toward Oracle; Sheaffer learned a great deal of foundational knowledge there, and certainly put in his fair share of … Continue reading →

#OlderDBFail: If Amazon and Pokemon aren’t immune, no one is

You don’t always have to choose between the scalability of NoSQL and the accuracy of MySQL.

High-value, high-transaction challenges aren’t just the domain of smaller players–some of the most resource-rich, technically advanced companies in the world have had problems, as evidenced recently by Amazon Prime Day, which was plagued with many problems that we predicted in a recent blog, Making Amazon Prime “Black Tuesday,” Not a Black Eye: … Continue reading →

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About High-Value/High-Transaction OLTP Workloads, but Were Afraid to Ask



…Amazon Prime Day and Pokeman Go teams should have asked us

The term “high-value, high-transaction workload” is admittedly not universal, yet it describes a very important class of DBMS transactions that sit somewhere between “Big Data,” and critical data. Simply put, they entail large numbers of concurrent transactions at high … Continue reading →

Employee Spotlight: E-Commerce Solutions Architect Kevin Bortnick

Kevin Bortnick_E-commerce Solutions Architect (1)

Until recently, Clustrix was facing a tough challenge: Its database software was having trouble communicating with Magento, the leading e-commerce platform.

Something had to be done.

So when E-commerce Solutions Architect Kevin Bortnick—a Web developer and e-commerce expert with about seven years of experience working with Magento—joined the … Continue reading →

Pokemon Go becomes “Pokey Man Stop”


It had all the makings of a successful product launch: a highly-recognizable brand, a built-in global fanbase of millions, and a great team of game developers with roots in a silicon valley icon – Google.  But the launch of Pokemon Go, the highly anticipated augmented-reality mobile game, was immediately followed by a barrage of social media complaints over … Continue reading →

Making Amazon Prime “Black Tuesday,” Not a Black Eye

Amazon Prime Day

The second annual Amazon Prime Day is around the corner, and even the bigger critics of last year’s inaugural shopping holiday are expressing optimism for a better effort this time around.

To recap, the 2015 Amazon Prime Day extravaganza generated plenty of sales but also many complaints around the limited inventory and the ability to navigate it on … Continue reading →