E-Commerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015

It’s hard to believe we’re about to turn the page on yet another year but, nonetheless, here we are.

We figure there’s no better time to reflect on the developments in e-commerce that took place during the last 12 months while also looking forward to see what’s in store for 2015.

With that in mind, we examine four e-commerce trends that fired up … Continue reading →

Nomorerack achieves another Record-Breaking Cyber Monday with ClustrixDB

Nomorerack, a top-100 e-commerce retailer running ClustrixDB, successfully flexed up for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Again. And achieved record-breaking sales! Again.

More details: Last year nomorerack increased their marketing impressions 20-fold, and expected a huge increase in sales. Clustrix helped them scale their e-commerce database with eight … Continue reading →

E-Commerce Retailers: Here’s How You Tell You’re Not in the Big Leagues

In 1994, website owners were able to get by with low-quality, wonky sites because their audience wasn’t really too concerned with user experience. The fact that a website was loading at all—albeit pixel by pixel—was impressive enough.

Website users have certainly grown to expect a heck of a lot more during the last 20 years.

For starters, your … Continue reading →

The Perils of Replatforming: You Might Lose Your Data

Any successful e-commerce retailer that has built its website on a MySQL database will tell you the same thing: It doesn’t matter how good business appears to be; it’s only a matter of time before traffic spikes give your database more than it can handle. And when that happens, your customers will certainly notice as your website slows down and they are unable to … Continue reading →

The Rise of the Customer-Centric E-Commerce Experience

Thanks to the rise of the Internet and mobile devices, consumer demand for instant gratification has become a cultural norm. Many brands have stretched to meet this exacting standard, setting the bar high for competitors that want to create robust customer experiences. Businesses are learning that each and every customer interaction with their brand counts in retaining … Continue reading →

Black Friday/Cyber-Monday Recap

Whew, we made it! Cyber Monday 2014 is retreating in the rear-view mirror, and just before we set our sights firmly on 2015, let’s take a moment to recap…

How did E-Commerce sites do this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend?

Historically representing a huge spike in sales, the Black Friday/Cyber-Monday weekend offers e-commerce sites the promise of huge … Continue reading →

Did You Know That 35 Percent of Web Sales Are Made During the Fourth Quarter?

Today is Cyber Monday and consumers around the world are taking to their laptops, mobile phones and tablets to shop for the best deals online.

Last year, e-commerce retailers hauled in an impressive $2.29 billion from the digital world’s answer to Black Friday. Industry pundits are envisioning even bigger things this year. In fact, some are even predicting … Continue reading →

What Kohl’s Can Teach You About Preparing for Cyber Monday

In 2013, Kohl’s pulled in an impressive $742.4 million in e-commerce sales during the fourth quarter. That number accounted for 42 percent of the $1.76 billion the clothing retailer brought in over the entire year from digital sales.

Between 4Q12 and 4Q13, Kohl’s enjoyed a 16 percent increase in total Web sales. But while the aggregate revenue number might … Continue reading →

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Creep: Retailers Plan Earliest Thanksgiving Openings Ever

Before the mega-retailer made headlines late last year for its data breach, Target was in the news for how it handled Cyber Monday.

Falling on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is a day when countless brands offer their customers aggressive sales on their websites. Essentially, it’s the digital world’s answer to the brick-and-mortar retailer … Continue reading →

(Trying to) Get Under the Hood of AWS’s New Aurora

Last week, Amazon announced Aurora with many interesting features promised. Let’s drill into the details a bit, and explore the ramifications.

Architecture: Aurora’s overall design leverages a single write master, read-slave fanout architecture. Okay, sounds like MySQL—reads are scalable. Amazon has also written a lot about Aurora’s storage features, but … Continue reading →