Flex Up or Down—Pay Only for the Capacity You Need

Imagine the following scenario. You’re in your car on a long drive and you start to feel thirsty—even a bit dehydrated. So, you pull off the highway and into a convenience store to buy a 12-oz. bottle of water. But as you peruse the store’s shelves, you realize that it doesn’t keep anything smaller than 128-oz. jugs in stock. So you are faced with a choice: … Continue reading →

The Importance of “Fit and Finish” on Your E-Commerce Site

In the automotive manufacturing industry, “fit and finish” describes the way the various parts of a vehicle fit together to form the final product. A car with “fit and finish” has no visible gaps where parts were merged and no variation in paint color—it is, essentially, seamless.

The concept is relevant in e-commerce as well, especially as it relates … Continue reading →

Clustrix and Microsoft Azure Look to the Future With New Partnership

Over the past several years, organizations of all sizes across numerous verticals have moved to the cloud, seeking to take advantage of its technical simplicity, cost savings and flexibility. The intense interest in cloud services is driving an exploding market; in fact, a recent report from analyst firm Market Research Media projected that the cloud market … Continue reading →

What Has Us Excited About IRCE 2015

As an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of large and fast-growing e-commerce businesses, few events on the calendar excite us as much as the annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE). The conference brings more than 90 percent of the e-commerce solutions market to one place, and offers a uniquely broad view of the Internet retail … Continue reading →

E-Commerce Booms in Europe Despite Economic Hardship

E-commerce is growing rapidly in China, which is not surprising considering the country’s enormous population and the advent of Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company that set a new record for the largest global IPO ever in 2014 at $25 billion. And China’s not alone in the world of surging online retail sales: The consumer culture in the U.S. is well … Continue reading →

Why Moving Away From a Legacy Architecture Is Easier Than You Think

Many rapidly growing e-commerce sites eventually find themselves at a common crossroads: increased traffic to their sites causes performance problems in legacy, scale-up MySQL databases —like slower page load times or inventory updates—and puts their business in peril.

While these businesses understand that problems with MySQL performance can have a negative … Continue reading →

Mother’s Day Is Days Away… Is Your Site Ready?

Mother’s Day can be tricky for consumers. Many of us want to make sure we give our mothers a gift that shows our appreciation for all they do, but finding time to visit numerous brick-and-mortar stores to find the perfect present is difficult.

For many shoppers, e-commerce is a welcome solution to this problem, especially for the procrastinators among us. … Continue reading →

What I didn’t imagine before Imagine Commerce 2015

Last week we were at Imagine Commerce in Las Vegas. What a powerful event! Between the inviting Wynn pool and the countless hosted parties (and the inevitable hangovers the next day) how could anyone expect work to be done? The answer is lots and lots of coffee. But it wasn’t all fun and games. The incredibly engaged Magento community was in Vegas to work hard, play … Continue reading →

Meet the Clustrix Imagine Team: Director of Solutions Engineering John Filson

For e-commerce businesses, attracting more customers to their websites is typically cause for celebration, as it usually drives higher revenue and increased profit. At the same time, as traffic increases on the e-commerce platform—like Magento, for instance—added stress is placed on the underlying database.  The database is a critical component, ensuring that … Continue reading →

B2B E-Commerce Market to Reach $6.7 Trillion by 2020

B2B companies are constantly looking for even the slightest edge on competitors, anything they can use to effectively differentiate themselves from their competition. But while many are attempting to develop bleeding-edge technologies or cut prices, many organizations may be missing an enormous opportunity right under their noses: A top-of-the-line e-commerce … Continue reading →