The Gift That DOESN’T Keep on Giving: Excess Holiday Server Capacity

We see it every year–the merry-making of the holidays is followed by the obligatory New Year’s Day trip to the gym. But while the rest of us are working off our turkey and apple pie indulgences, e-commerce companies are trying to figure out what to do with the excess capacity they’ve acquired over the course of the holiday shopping season to run their … Continue reading →

451 Research’s Jason Stamper says ClustrixDB Ticks All the Boxes

When it comes to enterprise data, few voices are as respected as Jason Stamper of 451 Research, who has been commenting on the space for more than 2 decades, and whose work essentially identified “NewSQL” as a category. So it’s no light thing that ClustrixDB was recently featured in a 451 report by Stamper titled Cloud database firm Clustrix adds in-memory … Continue reading →

Cyber Monday Offers Reality Check on Limits of Old-School Databases

In the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, we see a man trapped in the nightmare of the same scenario repeating endless times. At first he fights against it, then he decides to go along with it, and finally despair kicks in. Only until he approaches the problem in an entirely different way does the solution emerge which allows him to move forward. This year’s Cyber … Continue reading →

You’ve Outgrown Your MySQL Database, Now What?


MySQL has always been a great database option for companies in their infancy. It’s cheap and contains the basic functionality most organizations need. It is the simplest way to provide access to multiple databases for multiple users looking to sift through basic company structured data.

Of course, as companies hit the big time and see incredible … Continue reading →

Will China’s Singles Day Learn from Amazon Prime Day’s Mistakes? It may depend on the database under Alibaba’s hood


Last year, Alibaba turned what Business Insider’s Jeremy Burke called an “obscure, made-up Chinese holiday” into a shopping event that surpassed even Black Friday: on China’s Nov. 11 “Singles’ Day”, the company raked in $14.3B! Expectations are high for 2016, and Alibaba and other retailers are no doubt gearing up for the marketing blitz of … Continue reading →

Information Superhighway or Super Traffic Jam? Introducing ClustrixDB 8.0

8.0 Blog InfoGraphic

When the automobile was first invented, traffic jams were unheard of. But, as more automobiles populated the roads, outdated road infrastructures couldn’t handle increased congestion and traffic slowed. The same thing has happened with the internet. As people increasingly got online, issues of internet speeds and bandwidth abounded. Today however, as people … Continue reading →