Better Real-Time Analytics and Availability with Horizontal Data Slicing

With fast-growing startups, businesses, and applications, the application servers are easy to scale, but the operational databases often hit scale issues with high volume and velocity of data. This issue is especially true in the cloud, where the scaling model is horizontal scale-out on commodity hardware. Legacy databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and … Continue reading →

Master – Master : Investigating the Mysterious Duplicate Key Error

One thing I like about my role at Clustrix is that it allows me to work with real customer use cases and offers a unique opportunity to understand respective deployment architectures and learn something new and interesting from each and every engagement.

I came across an interesting use case recently where the problem was reported as a replication error in a … Continue reading →

Scaling Mandarins and Cabbage-Heads With Clustrix

Recently the entire Clustrix Team donned closed-toe shoes and their signature black Clustrix hoodies and headed down to Pennsylvania Avenue in San Francisco to volunteer at the SF-Marin Food Bank. Abandoning the departmental groupings of the office, the Clusterlings came together and worked elbow-to-elbow sorting what ended up to be more than 18,000 pounds of produce … Continue reading →

Keeping a Distributed Database Balanced: the ClustrixDB Rebalancer


ClustrixDB is a single logical DBMS, made up of many individual servers. These servers have matching hardware, and are equal peers within the cluster. Each server holds part of the relational dataset. Any of them can participate in (or initiate) an SQL query.

To fully utilize the total hardware in a cluster, workload and data storage must be somewhat evenly … Continue reading →

NewSQL Vs. SQL on Hadoop


NoSQL, NewSQL, SQL on Hadoop – SQL seems to be everywhere these days. The data management landscape is complex and moving very fast. Since real-time analytics is used by both the NewSQL and SQL on Hadoop communities, let’s dig in and see the differences.

SQL Is in Vogue

SQL is back in vogue – as customers use proprietary NoSQL interfaces and begin … Continue reading →

Can You Hear Me Now……?


Cloud computing, big data, and real-time analytics are quickly transforming how business is done—not only in the office, but also on the farm. Taggle Systems uses ClustrixDB to record and analyze data for livestock, utility meters, and irrigation across large-scale installations in Australia.

With Taggle’s low-cost, long-range, low-power tags (custom chips), … Continue reading →

New start with NewSQL

Hello NewSQL

I am joining Clustrix with great anticipation on what I expect to be an exciting adventure into the world of scale-out SQL. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work for some great companies–large and small.

Clustrix is no exception.

Databases are an enabling technology—a developer resource—and all viable … Continue reading →