Today’s Cover Story: How to boost your e-commerce performance

iMedia Cover Story

Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix, offers advice to e-commerce merchants and providers alike in today’s cover story on iMedia Connection, “How to boost your e-commerce performance.” A short list of questions and answers provide readers precise insight into the simple steps they can take, or should at least consider taking, to cost-effectively gain a … Continue reading →

Live Webinar Tomorrow: Database Architecture and Scaling Strategies,in the cloud & on the rack


It’s your last chance to register for tomorrow’s webinar. If you don’t think you can make it but wish you could, register anyway! You will automatically receive the slides and recording after the event.

Robbie Mihayli, VP of Engineering at Clustrix will explore how to set up a SQL RDBMS architecture that scales out and is both elastic … Continue reading →

Spinning Disks vs. SSD for Enterprise Database use


Solid State Disks are the right storage for ClustrixDB. What’s not to love about low latency and high throughput?

You have lots of choice for data storage these days. The most familiar storage device is the spinning or hard disk drive (HDD): spinning disks are very affordable and can store huge amounts of data. Another option is Solid State Drives … Continue reading →

Is your Merchant’s Infrastructure feeling bloated after the Holidays?


Are you feeling fat and bloated after the holidays?

E-commerce merchants must be ready for the holiday peak in demand. So, adding database capacity is a must. Now that the New Year is here, don’t you wish you could get back to your regular (database) size painlessly?

If you’re running a legacy database like MySQL, you likely added that extra … Continue reading →

What Does the Future Hold for Databases?


It is not an exaggeration to say that the online retail industry is at perhaps its most critical juncture since it first began gathering steam near the beginning of the 21st century. For years, scale-up relational databases were sufficient in the market, as online merchants dealt primarily with structured data like tables of product names, prices and … Continue reading →

Clustrix Named ‘HOT in 2015’ Winner in San Francisco, CA


Clustrix is pleased to announce it was named an Owler HOT in 2015 winner in San Francisco. Owler, the world’s leading online source for free competitive intelligence with over 15 million company profiles in its database, awards the hottest companies in each city using data and analytics it collects from the Owler community.

“The Owler community is … Continue reading →