Employee Spotlight: VP of Engineering Robert Mihalyi

Robbie_Customer Operations Engineer

If you’re a top recruit in the software industry, chances are likely that you run from two things like they are the plague: bureaucracy, and hand-holding.

You want the freedom to see your ideas come to fruition. And you also want boatloads of trust, and support from management—not oversight and excessive amounts of control.

Spend some time … Continue reading →

Employee Spotlight: Customer Operations Engineer Henry Hwang

Henry HwangCustomer Operations Engineer

There is a scene in the Pixar classic “Ratatouille” when the chef explains to the new garbage boy that the kitchen staff is made of much more than cooks—they are artists, at heart, and pirates. “More than cooks are we,” she explains, rather people with diverse and interesting backgrounds who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table to supplement their … Continue reading →

Scale-Out SQL: Readying Your Online Gaming App for the Big Launch


Game On or Game Over?

Gaming applications–particularly multi-player games–are usually built for the cloud, meaning that they can scale out according to demand. Unfortunately, this hasn’t necessarily been the case with the databases that power these applications. The SQL databases that online games have to run on (NoSQL just isn’t reliable … Continue reading →

Think Los Angeles Traffic is bad now? IoT could make it worse



With the Internet of Things now a reality in auto and other industries, companies are finding themselves remarkably changed–and challenged–by the availability and analysis of data from a multitude of sensors. Companies like Tesla are taking the lead with “over-the-air” remote maintenance, driverless technology and the connected … Continue reading →

High-Value, Heavy Workloads: Where the Worlds of Big Data and Accurate Data Collide

Big Data

In the world of Big Data, people understandably tend to get caught up in the “Big” part of it.  NoSQL and Hadoop offerings, which often take center stage in Big Data dialogues, are good at handling massive scale, as long as you’re OK with a little bit of ‘eventual consistency’ and not being able to make sense of the data quickly and easily. And, in … Continue reading →

Got High-Value, High-Transaction workloads on AWS? Read this report by ESG.


We recently put ClustrixDB performance to the test by performing a benchmark against two other SQL databases. ClustrixDB beat the two SQL databases owned and operated by the industry-leading cloud vendors in transactions per second, latency and scalability. After seeing these results, we elected to have Enterprise Service Group (ESG) validate the near-linear … Continue reading →