Mobile Pay Rapidly Becoming a ‘Must Have’ for Businesses

Mobile Pay

Gone will be the days of fumbling through dollar bills and loose change. No more waiting in line as the customer in front of you takes more time than necessary removing his or her credit card, swiping it and typing in the pin. Mobile payment is here, and it’s in demand.

Over the course of the last year mobile payment has rapidly gained headway in the … Continue reading →

China Makes Major Change to E-Commerce Foreign Policy

Chinese Economy

For years, despite its massive population and rapidly expanding economy, China was a limited market for e-commerce merchants because its government would not allow full foreign ownership of these businesses. Recently, however, China loosened these regulations, announcing that it would allow some foreign merchants to own 100 percent of e-commerce businesses in … Continue reading →

What Does it Mean to Build for Today’s E-Commerce?


All industries are constantly evolving, but some experience change faster than others. E-commerce, to be certain, falls into the fast and furious category.

The primary driving force behind change in the industry is rapid growth in the number of people conducting transactions online. In the U.S. alone, for example, the number of digital shoppers will … Continue reading →

Top-Notch Website Performance is a MUST


If there is one certainty that contemporary e-commerce businesses can rely upon it’s that customers love shopping online. In fact, US online sales are forecasted to be $334 billion in 2015 with 69% of US adults participating (Forrester, Inc).

But no matter how big the market opportunity becomes, online retailers that can’t provide customers with … Continue reading →

How the quest for Scale led Viverae to Clustrix, and then some


Scalability. One of the trendiest words in the tech world today but also one of the biggest issues any growing business faces. Whatever your application, if you are running your business on MySQL, you will inevitably hit a wall and develop performance issues.

Take our customer Viverae® for example. Viverae, a workplace wellness program provider has … Continue reading →

Three Common Replatforming Pitfalls

As we’ve covered previously on this blog, one of the most common reasons Magento performance falters for e-commerce businesses is a rapid or massive increase in the number of visitors on the site. When site performance begins to lag and customer experience is impacted, many of these organizations decide to migrate from Magento/MySQL to an Oracle or SAP … Continue reading →