The New Clustrix Website: Facts, Transparency, and Clarity

By the time you read this post, we’ll have unveiled a new look and new approach to the Clustrix website. This new website goes far beyond an updated look and feel; it represents months of discussions about the direction of the database technology industry and what best serves our customers.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

People are fundamentally changing the way they adopt new technologies today. The days are gone when companies are “sold to.” Companies want access to deep information and the actual solution, so they can know and see for themselves before they buy. For a disruptive new technology like our scale-out SQL database, this means technical audiences want access to straightforward technical information that lets them discover for themselves the right solutions to their problems.

Our new website creates avenues for our technical community to discover how our Clustrix scale-out SQL technology works – a win-win for everyone.

With this in mind, we made it simple for the technical community to dig in to Clustrix technology in whatever way works best for them. Whether it’s to look through technical documents written by the engineers who built Clustrix, check out our customer testimonials or on-demand educational webcasts, or get hands-on with Clustrix on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – it’s all there.

Our Promise: Facts, Transparency, and Clarity

In a world overloaded with marketing hyperbole and spin, it’s natural to take claims of game-changing technology with a grain of salt. It’s a shame that, as a result, some innovative technologies are penalized for sounding “too good to be true.”

We don’t see a need to make wild claims about our technology – we’ve worked long and hard to architect a powerful database from the ground up and prove Clustrix in the marketplace – and that’s been evidenced by the powerful customer case studies of Clustrix in production in some of the most demanding environments in the world. Our new website is built to give you the facts, transparency, and clarity you need in order to see that for yourself, without the hyperbole.

Whose Website is it Anyway?

Our website doesn’t belong to any one department at Clustrix – it’s a team effort by the bright minds in engineering, marketing, support, sales, QA, and our executive team. Each of these departments has special insight into the content we create for the site.  But at the end of the day, the website truly belongs to our customers, potential customers, and our partners.

Social media is a very important extension of our website, and one that we believe will help us keep our promise of maximum communication, transparency, and clarity. If you haven’t done so already, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest Clustrix news and content, and to tell us what you think with us in real-time.

What’s Next for Clustrix

As a company, we’re constantly asking ourselves what we can do to be the database that enables our customers to develop their next hyper-scale, killer app. This means we’re always listening to what our customers want and what the industry demands so we can stay ahead of the curve. For instance, there’s a lot happening in disciplines like real-time analytics and databases in the cloud, and we’re working hard to develop two steps ahead so we can intersect the market with right database solutions at the right time.

No matter how many pages of technical content we develop, there will always be more questions that our audience wants answered. So I don’t consider our website done – we’ll continue developing content that answers your questions.

On behalf of the Clustrix team, I invite you to explore our new website and get acquainted with our Clustrix technology. We’re confident that once you do, we’ll be having a lot more conversations: